Jonas Löwgren

Co-founder & Professor of Interaction Design, School of Arts & Communication at Malmö University

Jonas Löwgren

Jonas Löwgren is a professor of interaction design and co-founder of the School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University in Sweden. He specializes in cross-media products, interactive visualization and the design theory of the digital materials.

Jonas has taught interaction design in university courses and in companies since the early 1990’s, initiating the influential two-year master’s program in interaction design at Malmö University in 1998. He has published some 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers and three books, including Thoughtful Interaction Design (with Erik Stolterman, published by MIT Press), and a vast range of general-interest and pedagogical material. His design portfolio comprises some 50 projects from explorative research and professional contexts.

(Photo credit Leif Johansson)

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