Fabian Hemmert

Design Researcher

Fabian Hemmert

Fabian Hemmert is a design researcher born and raised in Germany. During his studies towards an M.A. degree in Interface Design, he worked for Nintendo Europe and Marvel Comics. He is currently finishing his PhD at the Berlin University of the Arts, in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, where his thesis focuses on new ways of interacting with technology. His theoretical work, concerned mainly with the concepts of ‘Thinghood’ and ‘Embodiment,’ is much inspired by the philosophy of Martin Heidegger, and his account of the ‘coming into the world’ of things.

Fabian is considered one of the leading experts for new ways of mobile telecommunication, and has presented his work at multiple events, including TED Global, CeBIT, TEDxBerlin, TEDxSalzburg, Lift Conference, the EuroVision TV Summit and the Chaos Communication Congress. You can view his talks, projects and papers at

Interaction12: February 1st to 4th 2012:Dublin, Ireland, Europe