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The Foodies Guide to Dublin

So after seeing some tweets (well two, to be exact) asking for food recommendations, I decided to put a little blog together on my favourite food spots in Dublin.

If there’s a category I didn’t get to, just find me or tweet me @coryannj. Happy eating!

Important – how the location info works

Actual address information is pretty unwieldy, so instead each place has an area name – you’ll then need to rely on old google for the details.

The area names are borrowed from this image – apologies in advance as it may hurt your eyes:

As you can expect it’s not totally accurate – but will give you a sense of where you need to go.

That annoying place that fits in every category

Fallon and Byrne (Georges St – – It’s a foodhall, deli, coffee bar, wine bar, and restaurant – just go.


3fe (Capel St & Docklands South – – The place to go if you weigh and grind your coffee before making it in your Aeropress.

Bald Barista (Camden St – – Owned by a Kiwi (don’t let that turn you off*). Also stocks amazing pies and food from The Gallic Kitchen.

Clement and Pekoe (Grafton St – – The type of place I’d expect to find the phrase “purveyors of tea” on the menu – but great coffee too.


The Exchequer (Georges St – – Long beer list, more classy than casual pub grub and roast to order every Sunday.

Against the Grain (Camden St) – Specialises in craft beers and hearty food.

L. Mulligan Grocer (Stonybatter – – Slightly outside the city centre (7 euro taxi ride) but great range of beers and the type of menu someone has put a lot of love into.

Bull and Castle (Christchurch – – Bit less gastro, more pub, but decent pub food upstairs and a restaurant downstairs.

Hole in the wall

Bottega Toffoli (Christchurch) – If you can find it and get a seat (fits 12-ish max), it’s the best pizza in Dublin.


Kokoro (Capel St – – More take-away than sit down, but dazzling array of sushi as well as hot food.

Yamamori (Capel St & Georges St – – More sit down than take-away, with decent enough sushi.


Hop House (O’Connell St – – Mostly Korean, with a doorbell on each table for service and an interconnecting reggae/sports bar next door (seriously).

Hi lan (Capel St) – Bit of a mish mash with korean bbq, hotpot and mainstay korean/chinese dishes. Also spend €100 get free karaoke!

M&L Szechuan (O’Connell St) – Secret chinese menu, €2.50 beers – go!

Good World (Georges St) – Smaller secret chinese menu, good for a sit down meal, open late.

Cafe-type places

The Cake Cafe (Camden St – – Located behind the Daintree paper shop, it’s all freshly-baked sweet and savoury goodies.

The Pepperpot (Grafton St – – Sister of the Cake Cafe, more centrally located with equally yummy food.

Eastwood and Mays (Georges St – – New-ish cafe doing lunch and dinner, great food including a Secret Dinner for €12.95 with glass of wine, and named after pugs!


Cornucopia (Grafton St – – Open from early till late with the best vegetarian/vegan food in Dublin.

Blazing Salads (Grafton St – – Mostly for the lunch crowd, salads, soups, hot food and baked things.


Green Hen (Grafton St – – Tough to get a booking but worth it if you can.

The Pig’s Ear (Trinity College – – Beautiful food that’s also seriously nyom, Irish with a twist.

Coppinger Row (Grafton St – – Has the best cocktails in Dublin to go along with the mediterranean-style food.

The Winding Stair (Capel St – – Bookstore downstairs, restaurant upstairs, with hearty, warming food and a great early bird menu.

Fancy places you probably won’t get a booking in

Pichet (Grafton St – – Famous for its quirky blue bucket chairs and brilliant french food.

Chapter One (O’Connell St – – Brilliant food and equally brilliant service without the stuffiness.

Thorntons (Stephens Green – – The place for ‘wow’ looking food, but for taste you can probably do better…

Patrick Guilbauds (Merrion – – You know, the one with *that* star.

When you stumble out of a pub at 3am

Zaytoon (Temple Bar & Camden – – Best kebabs in Dublin.

Rick’s Burgers (Georges St) – You get a spoon and fork with your burger, that should tell you everything.

Iskanders (Georges St) – Second best kebabs in Dublin.

*I’m Australian, just fulfilling my obligatory Kiwi joke quota.

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